Catechist Initial and Ongoing Formation

The Ogilvie Centre is offering all catechists a chance to participate in an online Catechetical Diploma program from the Archdiocese of Edinburgh!
The next program starts in January 2024.

(Note for new catechists: The Diocese of Aberdeen requests that you participate in a program of catechetical training to equip you for your ministry)

What is involved:

  • Thursday lectures, 19:30 – 20:30 on ZOOM, which includes a Q&A
  • The weekly lectures are grouped into six modules of six classes.
  • No exams!
  • Individual meeting with one of the course leaders on Zoom at the end of each module to answer any further questions and talk about what you’ve learned.
  • If you miss a week, the class will be recorded and made available for you the next day online.
  • No required course materials, but it would be helpful to have The Catechism of the Catholic Church (There is also a free online version).
  • Starts in January 2024 and runs for 1 year.

Who is running the course:

  • Sr. Miriam Ruth, the Catechetics Advisor for the Archdiocese of Edinburgh, is the main course leader.
  • Lectures delivered by religious and diocesan priests, lay and religious sisters.
  • Sponsored by The Catechetics Commission of the Archdiocese of St Andrews & Edinburgh.


  • £100 (The fee is actually £200, but the Ogilvie Centre will pay the other £100. Let us know if you need further financial assistance.)

What others have said about the course:

  • “Inspirational. You won’t want to miss a session. Please give it a go – it’s a course for everyone.” – Liz Brown, Edinburgh.
  • “I recommend this course to anyone; it has given me a thirst for knowledge and, hopefully, has made me a better person.” – Peter McCaffery, Cowdenbeath.
  • “Our faith explored. Go deeper with this highly enjoyable course.” – Janice Mary Evans, Falkirk.

How to register:

Ogilvie Centre Catechist Facebook Group:

Share ideas, resources and get support from across the Diocese of Aberdeen! 

Visit: Ogilvie Centre Catechist Facebook Group

Catechist Websites:

Person & Identity

The mission of the Person and Identity Project (PIP) is to assist the Catholic Church in promoting the Catholic vision of the human person and responding to the challenges of gender ideology. PIP offers formation, workshops, and pastoral guidance on transgender issues and the human person.

Catechist Formation Events:

Genesis to Jesus Diocesan Bible Study

Online and some in-person options, weekly for 7 weeks beginning in January 2024! For more information and to register – click here to register and to find out more


Other Catechist Formation Links:

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    • Dynamic Catholic – Be inspired by the engaging videos, books, and other resources, offered free or at very little cost.
    • St Paul Center – Dive into the Holy Bible using state-of-the-art resources developed by international speaker and teacher, Dr. Scott Hahn, free!
    • Faith Cafe – Wonderful videos and resources developed here in the UK.
    • Sycamore Sacramental Preparation and Catechesis– Explore these great comprehensive courses and supplemental resources for all ages!