Bishop Hugh Gilbert has asked the Ogilvie Centre to develop, from the This is Our Faith curriculum, a list of essential points to be covered by catechists of Confirmation.

Other Confirmation Links:

    • “Decision Point” from Dynamic Catholic – Engaging Confirmation program for teens, comprised of well-produced videos and workbooks. Free!
    • Transformed in Christ – Developed in the UK, 22 evangelizing-catechesis sessions aimed at 12-16 year olds, with free video clips, attractive workbooks, helpful catechist guide and a blog that assists catechists along in the journey. The 22-session experience is meant to help develop community among the confirmation candidates. Also can be used for post-Confirmation youth group catechesis. Leader’s guide £16, student workbooks £10 each.
    • “SDC” – Twenty-two free lessons and worksheets which cover important topics in preparation for Confirmation.
    • YouCat Confirmation – Adopting the trusted, tried and quality pedagogy and highly successful design and communication methods of YouCat, this Course is designed to engage young people of 12 years old and upwards. Its theological basis is a four part training plan for young people, comprising: participation in the course, Sunday Mass, regular prayer, and Bible reading.
    • Look to Him and Be Radiant – An excellent range of engaging educational resources for Catholic homes and classrooms.
    • Sycamore Sacramental Preparation and Catechesis– Explore these great comprehensive courses and supplemental resources for all ages!