Genesis to Jesus Diocesan Bible Study

The Ogilvie Centre would like to invite you to discover the riches of sacred scripture through an online Zoom course called Genesis to Jesus. Presented by other members from our Diocese and over the course of 7 weeks, by the end you will be able to locate your place in Salvation history. This is part of a wider programme, starting in January 2024 that will see us bring more of the St Paul Center archive of material, which they kindly have given us to use for free, to our Diocese.

We have sessions starting on Monday 15th January (Evening or Afternoon) and Tuesday 16th January (Evening only). If you are not familiar with using Zoom, don’t worry!  We will practice with you. To register please fill in the form below.

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Craig Lodge, Dalmally, Argyll

Craig Lodge is a house of prayer where we come away to be with our Lord Jesus. It is home to a community inspired by Our Lady’s visitation to Medjugorje. It is a place we go out from to share the good news of God’s love with others.

Craig Lodge offers a wide range of events for families, teens and adults. For the calendar of events and more information visit